There isn't much to do in the day and age of Covid19 other than to practice gratitude for that which is already good in our lives. I am a firm believer that gratitude is the foundation for true happiness.

Over the last 2 years(+-) I have come to love photography more than before and it has taught me how to be more grateful for many a thing. I have learned how to stop and appreciate the small gifts that nature gives, the gifts so often seen as insignificant.

In the photo above I tried to capture to some extent the beauty that nature intended with these flowers (Blue Hibiscus), but time and again I am reminded that no matter how advanced the technology at my disposal, I can never truly capture that which I feel when witnessing this kind of composition in person.

I am grateful for my senses, to be able to take in what is so freely given, especially when I allow myself to get lost in the moment for a moment.

May you find it within yourself to lower the pace with which you hurry through life, so that you might also see more of the beauty all around and perhaps find a degree gratitude you might not yet possess of.

Much love from me to you,


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