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"Thomas Erlank gibt den Tamino mit hellem, kräftigen Tenor." - Jan Krobot/Zürich, 30 April 2023

"...he sang with elegance and understanding of Mozartian phrasing sorely missing in the competition. And the voice is dulcet and has enough body.", Die Zauberflöte, 6 May 2023

"Thomas Erlank was a convincing Chevalier brother to Blanche; he is an impressive South African tenor." - John Rhodes, Seen and Heard International, 14. Februar 2022

"La distribution vocale a en revanche plus d’un tour dans son sac. Thomas Erlank dessine un élan constant de tendresse en administrant la ligne musicale et ses silences avec déférence et gourmandise. Le timbre chatoyant transforme les craintes du Chevalier en un déchirant festival de mansuétude." - Thibault Vicq , OperaOnline

"Thomas Erlank made a strong Lurcanio (a role written for the young John Beard), his imposing stature contributing to a sturdy stage presence with a fine frank and open voice. Erlank's negotiating of the coloratura was impressive with a nice evenness in the passagework." - Robert Hugill , PlanetHugill

"Thomas Erlank is another impressively tall tenor, again with the flexibility to sing Handelian coloratura with conviction despite having a truly powerful voice Just when I thought there was a dearth of tenors of heroic stature coming up through the ranks, the International Opera School has pulled the proverbial rabbit out of the hat. Mr Erlank is another one to watch with great interest." - Miranda Jackson, Opera Britannia

"Best of cast was Thomas Erlank as the Stetson-sporting Mayor; Erlank’s relaxed tenor
conveyed both Anchise’s self-assurance and his weariness with the youngsters’ romantic waywardness."- Claire Seymour , Opera Today

"...and Thomas Erlank achieved a well-deserved triumph. What a wonderful voice, a lusty, bronze-coloured tenor with an immensely soft and gentle intonation in the high register, a timbre to die for! He mastered the transitions from the expressive speaking voice to the singing voice and back again, as intended by Zender, in a fantastic way, was also compelling in the few electronically amplified passages..." - Kaspar Sannemann,  Opera Aktuell

"Der junge Tenor Thomas Erlank, seit dieser Spielzeit Mitglied des internationalen Opernstudios der Oper Zürich, meistert die Aufgabe fokussiert und mit Bravour. Anfangs noch mit zu viel Schmelz, findet er rasch zu sich und trägt den Abend stimmlich wie inhaltlich, lotet die Lieder mit Poesie aus. " - Julia Nehmiz,

"All minor roles were taken by singers with interesting voices – South African tenor Thomas Erlank (Lucano, first soldier etc) has a particularly promising voice with some heroic potential." - , Líncoronazine di Poppea, Opernhaus Zürich 2020

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